This video is very powerful and sad to watch.

It is aimed at smart phones and how people are so addicted that they are becoming unsocial and missing real life. Fact is you look around and a lot of people are staring at their phones.. whether they are waiting for a coffee, having lunch with someone or walking down the street.

In this video it shows how many special occasions in life are ruined by the phone.

I found this video sad because to be honest I am guilty of nearly everything in this video. I have taken photos only to say ‘wait I just need to post this onto Facebook’. I check my phone in bed nearly every morning before I get up. Hell even my alarm is my phone!

I have missed things when they kids are speaking to me because I am too involved with my phone. Granted I am getting better at this!

I went to the P!nk concert in Sydney last night and in this photo nearly everyone was holding up their phone. Instead of.. wait for it… actually watching the concert. This was myself included.

addicted to the phones

At the P!nk concert in Sydney! Look at all the phones! PS. I had an awesome spot too!

I know that I am not alone here!

I have to say that due to the nature of my work, I am most definitely connected all the time.. whether it be my email or social networks. I feel like I have to be ON all the time incase I might MISS something.

But you know what missing something online is far less important than missing something in our lives.

So is it time to get back to reality and savour these moments instead of worrying about our phones and our ‘social’ networks?

I wonder how many more moments we will actually remember and cherish because we stopped using our phones so much. I can only imagine how much more connected you would feel to those close to you.

So I challenge you, as I am going to try my hardest to do. Let’s switch off a little more and get back to reality and build relationships with those close to you.

Are you up for the challenge?

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