Hands up who has ever used this excuse for not exercising before?

“I don’t have time for exercise, life is just too busy right now.”

I’m guessing nearly everyone at one point or another. I have said this myself on multiple occasions – in fact I used this excuse consistently for about 4 years. Kids and work all got in the way of me doing exercise. Some fitness professionals will say that you need to exercise everyday to reach your goals. But let’s be realistic – it isn’t always possible to do a large workout every day. So here are some things that I incorporate into my days when I am unable to get to the gym. Most of these you won’t even need to find a large chunk of time to exercise. DISCLAIMER: I am not a personal trainer of fitness expert. These are just somethings I have done to keep me active every day.

Keep Active All Day

3-5 minute exercises done throughout the day can easily. Do this during your day can easily add up to your daily quota. I know some of these suggestions sound a little strange but they are quick ways to add in exercise when you are busy.

  • Do squats in the shower. Seriously if it takes you 5 minutes to shower why not do something whilst you are washing your hair. Just be careful not to fall over.
  • Do lunges when on the phone to someone.
  • Playing with the kids? Jump on the trampoline with them for 5 minutes. Great exercise and your kids will love it!
  • Take your kids to the park and run around kicking a soccer ball.
  • Have stairs in your house? Use them for step ups for 5 minutes.
  • Watching TV? Then use an exercise ball to sit on instead of the lounge. Great for posture and core strength.
  • Take the stairs instead of elevators/escalators.
  • Park further away from the shops so you have to walk a little more.
  • Have a long phone meeting? Plugin those headphones in and walk around – don’t waste that time sitting at a desk.


Walking Catchup with Friends

Usually catch up with a friend for coffee?

Why not skip the coffee and go for a walk instead.

This will keep you active and also your own time to unwind and catchup with friends. They will thank you as well.


Get your clean on

Get into cleaning… seriously. Did you know that cleaning can burn a heap of calories? So really put some effort into cleaning… not only are you keeping active but your house is going to look great as well. Vacuuming, mopping, sweeping are perfect exercises. You can even work in some of these exercises in between. Vacuum for 5 minutes and stop and do a minute of squats, then repeat. Get creative whilst you are doing this.

Who would ever think cleaning was so much fun?


Jump on YouTube

Some people say that a gym membership just can’t fit into the budget. Totally understandable – gyms are bloody expensive.

Jump on YouTube there are thousands of 30-60 minute exercise videos that you can do at home. This is a low cost way to get exercise routines and you can mix it up to keep in interesting.

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