There is so much pressure on parents these days and the internet has a lot to answer for! Although the information superhighway that is the internet has had a profound and important impact on our lives, sometimes it just magnifies the pressures and inferiority that we feel tenfold.

Information, opinion and advice is at our finger tips, only a quick click of the mouse away. But at the other end of the screen mothers are left feeling inadequate rather than empowered.

We are told that good mothers don’t yell or forget to pick up their kids. Good mothers love art & craft activities and imaginative play with their little cherubs. Good mothers don’t ever think about life before kids, or life after kids move out. They always have tissues, wipes and nutritional snacks on hand in their handbag, stroller and car and they never get frustrated when they are asked the same question for the umpteenth time.

Good mothers never use the TV as a baby sitter and their pantry is free from gluten and of course evil sugars. Good mothers always set the best example for their children, are always mindful of the language and tone they use and have endless patience.

Good mothers balance motherhood and work with ease. They always have time for playgroup, helping at the tuckshop and joining reading groups at the school.

Well, I’ve had enough of these so called good mothers. The goody two shoes mothers posting images of their immaculately dressed children staring wistfully out the windows of their magazine styled bedrooms.

I’m here to tell you these good mothers don’t exist. But normal mothers do.

Normal mothers breathe deep sighs at the site of the washing basket overflowing yet again. They are sometimes too tired to cook a nutritionally balanced healthy meal opting for two minute noodles…again.

Normal mothers try their best at throwing perfect parties for their child’s birthday and even though the cake doesn’t look like an image from Nigella Lawson’s cookbook their child still manages to laugh and have a great time.

Normal mothers get frustrated and cranky and lose their patience and even occasionally their temper.

Normal mothers find themselves only half listening to little Johnnie’s latest escapade at the park and often feign enthusiasm.

Normal mothers are filled with guilt that they aren’t doing things right. That they can’t get the balance right and that they long for some ‘me’ time. Even just five minutes!

So here’s to all the normal mothers out there.

Those of us who actually make up 95% of the population of mothers. Those of us who are just doing the best we can, each and every day. And those of us who cross their fingers every day that their kids will just somehow turn out okay.

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